Top 10 Reasons Why We Flavor For YOU

January 26, 2020
Flavoring Shave Ice
Flavoring Shave Ice
  1. Customer Service. We actually enjoy serving our customers and interacting with them. We love to make the experience from start to finish, one that leaves the customers happy and satisfied. 
  2. Sanitary. We control the flavors so that little (or big) mouths don't try to pour it from the spigots directly into their mouths, and hands aren't touching the spouts either. Enough said! *Germaphobe approved
  3. Colorful. We enjoy strategically placing the flavors on the customers shave ice so that it looks delicious. Each flavor is placed to where it blends well with other flavors, and doesn't look like a sloppy mess. A bonus is we get to chat with customers while we are flavoring for them! 
  4. High Quality. Our flavors are high quality and too good to waste, so we pour them ourselves so the customer gets just enough, not too much. Our flavors are designed specifically for shave ice, therefore it is made to cling to the ice ensuring that you get a flavor with every bite, rather than the flavor just sinking to the bottom of the cup.
  5. Communication. By flavoring the shave ice ourselves, it allows conversations take place. By flavoring the shave ice, we actually talk to our customers, rather than handing them a cup and sending them on their way to make it themselves. We love getting to know the people in our line. They are more than a number to us in this busy world. They are our customers.
  6. One Line Service. The customer is served all the way through the process, and get to watch the creation of their shave ice from start to finish. It is catered just for them.
  7. Customer Help Service. We can answer flavor questions, dietary questions, stupid questions (What color is blue raspberry? Can you go down the slide with my kid? What makes Magic Orange so magical? See other post for more humor), or we can make suggestions. By us applying the flavors, we can answer questions, suggest combinations, and help the customers get exactly what they are searching for. We are better than Siri.
  8. Guaranteed. They come with insurance. If you don't like it, or knock it over, we replace it. No questions asked. Except maybe how it got all over them!
  9. Pamper. We pamper our customers by allowing them to stand back and relax while the job is being done for them. Kind of like five-star restaurant, vs a buffet.
  10. Customer Service. We will say it again! We enjoy our customers and getting a chance to serve and interact with them. 

We are a family business and want our customers to feel like they are a part of our family as well. We love doing various events in our community and getting to know the people that we serve whether it's through wholesale or through an event line.