About Us

HAWAIIAN FIVE-OH is a family owned business which was founded by Bob Russell in 1992.

We started as a retail store in Lebanon Ohio and as we have grown we have moved to all mobile units and service our customers at popular fairs and festivals throughout our area. Along with our mobile units we became distributors for Magic Ice Products out of Stockton California and in 2008 we purchased Magic Ice Products from Al Weist and his family thus moving the flavor manufacturing to Lebanon Ohio. We continue to produce the same quality product that Al dedicated his time to develop.

HAWAIIAN FIVE-OH offers several product lines that we know to be the best including our Gourmet Shave Ice Flavors, Slush Flavors, Snow Cone Flavors, Hatsuyuki Business Packages, and several other products to help in making your business successful.  

We pledge to never forget the Weist Family’s part in the history of our product. This is an excerpt from their original web site:

Magic Ice Products began developing/manufacturing GOURMET syrups in 1964 (50 years ago) for Slush, Sno Cones and finally Shave Ice (or Shaved Ice).

Magic Ice Products was the first, and maybe the only one who developed a special formula for Shave Ice which is very different from Sno Cone and Fountain syrups.

HAWAIIAN FIVE-OH is completely self funded and is completely debt free.

Email Hfiveoh@gmail.com if you have any questions.