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 A.W. Schlake (Our Great-Grandfather)


Featured Products

4 oz Flower Cup

4 oz Flower Cup

4 ounce flower cups $45.00/sleeve of 250.  Flower Cups are a great way to show off your product

Multi-Color Spoon Straws- Pack of 200

Multi-Color Spoon Straws- Pack of 200

These colorful spoons straws are a perfect blend for customers to eat shave ice.  They can eat

Citric Acid

Citric Acid

Citric Acid can also be used to make a flavor more sour. To enhance your fruit flavors and give

Hatsuyuki HC8E Business Package

Hatsuyuki HC8E Business Package

PACKAGE INCLUES ALL OF THE FOLLOWING   Hatsuyuki HC8E Cube Shaver 12 Quarts Flavor Concentra

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Hawaiian Five-OH...

has been in business since 1992 offering the best in Hawaiian Shave Ice flavors and machines. We currently have many customers world-wide including amusement parks, recreation departments, schools, malls, retail stores and concessionaires. Hawaiian Shave Ice is a high profit and fun product to sell and requires a minimum investment.

Over 300 Flavors

Hawaiian Five-OH has absolutely the best flavors available. Using real fruit extracts, we are able to capture the real taste of fruit and along with our special ingredients that make the flavor cling to the ice instead of rushing to the bottom of the cup, we are able to provide the customer with wonderful taste as well as an eye appealing product. We also have 30 Tropical Slush Flavors.


We stock a complete line of related supplies including those hard to find Flower Cups, pour bottles, pour spouts, cups, spoons, spoon straws etc.

Shave Ice Machines

We feature Hatsuyuki 500E Block Shavers and Hatsuyuki HC8E Cube Shavers. These machines give you that snow-like consistency that makes Hawaiian Ice so good. Hatsuyuki is a Japanese made, high quality unit that requires little or no maintenance. Check out our used equipment for some real bargains.